Dress Code


Tops – Light Blue Polo

Bottoms – Boys (Navy Blue Pants or Shorts) Girls (Navy Blue Pants, Shorts, Skorts)

girl wearing uniform
boy wearing uniform

Jeans and leggings are not part of the school uniform. Students who come to school without their uniform will be sent to the office to notify parents. If available, a change of uniform will be provided.

Shoes should be safe and appropriate for physical education activities. Students must wear sneakers or other closed toe and closed heel shoes. Students must not wear high heels, metal cleats, clogs, thongs, tap shoes, or sandals.

Due to sanitary measures (pediculosis or headlice) no hats or caps should be worn at any grade level unless for religious or medical reasons.

Make-up is too distracting and should not be worn in school.

No jewelry is recommended. Jewelry may be lost while playing or during physical education.

No perfume or cologne should be worn by students. Many students have allergies, asthma, or respiratory problems. Since the classrooms are air conditioned, the fragrances might constitute a health problem for other students or the teachers.

Heelys are not allowed since they could constitute a safety hazard; please help us keep your child free from injury. Students will sit in the office until parent or guardian can bring another pair of shoes for his/her child.

Students whose personal attire or grooming distracts the attention of students or teachers from their school work shall be required to make the necessary changes to such attire or grooming before entering the classroom.